American Apparel’s Menstruating Vagina T-Shirt Explained!

by reneemichellestephens

American Apparel’s Menstruating Vagina T-Shirt Explained!

My OCADU school-mate Petra Collins, Toronto based curator/artist, made some surprising headlines last week with her new “Period Tee” for clothing franchise American Apparel. The tee, a line drawing of a woman with pubic hair masturbating and menstruating has news websites and magazines questioning the morals of the designer and company who would back (what they think) is ‘such a vile’ message.

In an interview with VICE (in the URL attached above), Collins discusses her meanings behind the t-shirt and states that this sort of negative attention is precisely what the shirt represents. The oppression of female sexuality and of something that is completely natural. Collins states that, “out of all the images everywhere, all of the sexually violent images, or disgustingly derogatory images, this is something that’s so, so shocking apparently.”

I highly recommend reading the interview, even if you are grossed out by the topic. Then, come back and tell me what you think: