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I am constantly confused. I know, I know, this is vague… except, it isn’t. My brain never stops; even in my sleep I am not at rest. Pondering, wondering, imagining; these are only a few of the verbs that describe my grounds for confusion. We are constantly getting thrown so many images and concepts at us every day that the human body cannot possibly register them all. How are we supposed to cope with this overwhelming stress? Some like to drown out the pain with a glass of wine, or 5… others a bit of pot to ease the mind before bed. Regardless, we are all functioning under a system that needs a release. Sleep is just not enough anymore. It’s mad in a sense however there is no changing it. As history knows, there is never any turning back time; we can’t go back to ‘simpler’ times because arguably the technological advances of today is supposed to make our lives ‘simpler’. Irony? 


Newmarket Jazz+ Festival





I have the pleasure to be helping out with the Newmarket Jazz+ Festival in Newmarket, Ontario at Riverwalk Commons (beside Ferry Lake and behind Main St.) on August 2, 3, and 4th. This wonderful festival celebrates the arts as a whole, ranging from musical talents to visual art and beyond. Justin Hines will be headlining the wonderful event with many, many more talented artists such as George St Kitts. The festival will include: Musical Entertainment, Art Show & Plein Air, Fabulous Food, Kids Art/Activities, Free Workshops, and a Beer & Wine Garden! 


It would be greatly appreciated if you could stop by! To start, you could simply like and follow the festivals Facebook and Twitter pages (links below). All the support that this festival can get will be simply amazing. If you have any questions or comments regarding the festival feel free to ask!