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Thoughts on Mayor Rob Ford


I do not identify myself as a citizen of Toronto because I am not one, I do not live there. Although, I spend about 4 days a week in Toronto for school. I take the subways and streetcars, I walk the streets, and I participate in events in the city. I am actively involved in the city of Toronto.

The Mayor has really screwed up. The man is an alcoholic, even though he insists that he isn’t, he is. He has other people buy him his liquor in secret, and there are plenty of images of him in public extremely drunk. This isn’t the first time that these sort of ‘allegations’ have been accusing the mayor of substance abuse. The difference now is that its crack cocaine, and alcohol.

This is bad for Toronto. Yes, he does good things for the city. Although we must think of the message that this is sending to people of the Greater Toronto Area and frankly, the world. This isn’t just on CP24 in Ontario, this is on CNN and other world news channels. It’s embarrassing to the people of Toronto that we are the laughing stock of the world with an alleged ‘crackhead’ Mayor. I mean, when you smoke crack and you are such a public lawful figure in society it’s not like you can just “move on”, which is what the Mayor wants to do. People who get arrested for crack possession can’t get off by saying, “listen let’s just move on”. That isn’t the way the law works. The Mayor is being extremely selfish, childish, and is showing serious signs of being a substance abuser.

I just think it would be best for him to at least take a leave of absence and stop being so stubborn about this entire situation. If he takes some time off he can relax, perhaps get some help for his substance problem, and he could come back stronger than ever. Really, that is all council is asking of him.

He’s acting like a fool, and making a fool out of the city of Toronto.


Francis Bacon Painting Beats Edvard Munch's Record

Francis Bacon’s 1969 painting titled ‘Three Studies of Lucien Freud’ has sold at auction for a whopping $142,000,000. This tops the previous highest selling artwork of $120 million, a painting titled ‘Scream’ by Edvard Munch. Unbelievable!

Fine Art Degree? Not So Bad After All

Fine Art Degree? Not So Bad After All

Fine art degrees seem to be not so bad after all after a study shows that they are not only the happiest but the unemployment rate of fine arts majors is dramatically decreasing. 

(click on link for the article via. The Wall Street Journal)