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The World Hurts My Head

I can’t tell if society keeps on getting more and more insane, or if life is always this hectic and crazy and I’m just becoming an adult and realizing all of this. 


I am turning 20 in 21 days. I was born in 1993. I am the first generation to be raised with technology. I am more aware of what is going on in the world than the previous almost-twenty-year-olds. Why? Well, the answer is the internet, mass communication thanks to the further development of telephones, television, etc. These things keep me not only distracted from my homework, my real  life, and the outside world; But they keep me connected to the world, the online world. In .007 seconds I can Google anything I can imagine and find out everything about it. Not only that, I can do this from the comfort of my home on my computer, on the run using my cellphone, in class using my tablet, or anywhere that has an internet connection and a search bar. 

These sort of things can be argued to keep us young people distracted from what’s really going on in the world. Yet, it does the opposite. I know what is going on all around the world. It makes me realize that my essay on appropriation in art is completely irrelevant to my life. Why? Because there are plenty of other things that I could concern my time with. And when I say plenty, I mean millions. 

Think about the world. No really, think about all you know about it. A lot? Nothing at all? Well, there are something like 7 billion people on this planet (I wish I was exaggerating). This amount of people cannot possibly survive based on the sustainability of this planet. Thus, we create man-made energy, food, and things that destroy our human bodies and our planet. Now think about all the different types of people in this world. Some people are bad, some people are good (whatever that even means). Some of these people are raping, murdering, stealing from others. Others are swimming, suffering, buying, and loving. Some people don’t have the internet and will never read this. Most people are poor and a few people are rich. There are so many different kinds of people in this world it seriously boggles my mind to know that people can be so ignorant of what is happening in the world. 

There are so many unthinkable wars going on; unthinkable scientific discoveries going on; unthinkable diseases killing people; unthinkable drought and starving people; unthinkable amounts of money being spent on unthinkable amount of material objects… and do people care? No, not as much as they should. But why should they? Everyone has their own life, right? Everyone can do what they want, right? Well when the world goes into a state of war over something so simple as clean drinking water, or natural gas, or nuclear energy, see who cares then. Because people should start to know about what is going on in the world. The internet is used in so many crazy ways, if only we would educate ourselves on what’s important. People! 


Paxman VS Brand (Interview)

Russell Brand for President!
Unbelievably true words spoken from the Essex comedian about economic change and a government revolution.