Ye Ol’ Lakers

33, 38, 34, 34, 36, 30, 32.

7/15 players over 30 years of age. 

If you don’t know what those numbers mean then you must be one of those Laker fans that think age doesn’t matter. The Los Angeles Lakers are in for a difficult 2012-2013 season. Beginning 0-3 and losing their acquired all-star veteran Steve Nash to a fractured leg is not exactly the way Kobe and the boys planned on starting their year. Especially since they have made drastic changes to their roster adding the desperate Steve Nash and the over-rated and whiny Dwight Howard how do they expect to find a rhythm with another big man (which they got rid of key players for) and a ‘ready-for-retirement’ point guard. 

Dwight Howard was a bad move for the Los Angeles Lakers. Acquiring a player that betrays a well rounded team that had potential, getting both the team’s GM and Coach fired, (both of which were two of the best in the league) only leads to disaster. A player like this who thinks he can get whatever he wants, is a danger to the Lakers squad. He doesn’t pull up high or consistent points or rebounds, he is in foul trouble often, is injury-ridden, and has difficulty from the charity stripe. If this team didn’t still have Pau Gasol, they would be in some serious hot water. 

With the new (most ridiculous) development of firing of Mike Brown the Lakers are really in for some drastic changes which could lead to some serious trouble. Fact of the matter is with Bryant on the team, regardless of who the coach is, he is calling the shots. Some may argue that he is a veteran and very experienced, yes, but also extremely selfish. You may be a very talented scorer as far as shooting and skill goes, but as far as a leading team player, Kobe tends to fall short, often. With Brown gone, who is going to really lead this team into a championship run? Look at the new, young teams in the NBA that are soaring and beating out even skilled all-star teams like the Heat and the Lakers. Do the old timers have a chance? What do you think is the glue that will hold this team together to become playoff contenders?